Technical Considerations for Forwards

Techniques Vital for Success as a Forward:

  1. Receiving and turning under intense pressure.
  2. Laying balls off to teammates.
  3. Dribbling for penetration and possession.
  4. Heading – attacking.
  5. Tackling.
  6. Crossing from varying angles and positions.
  7. Receiving flighted balls to chest, head etc.
  8. Shooting, both from distance and close range.
  9. First time re-directions – finishing with finesse.
  10. Passing, accurate short and long.

Application of Techniques

Forwards as a group – defensively:

  • Recovery runs to get behind the ball.
  • Steering the opponents to one side of the field.
  • Pressing the opposition defenders, and midfielders from behind.
  • Offer cover and balance for teammates.
  • Delay the attack to allow teammates to recover and regroup.
  • Individual defending – don’t dive in.

Forwards as a group – attacking:

  • Making positive forward runs in advance of the ball.
  • Dribbling for penetration and possession.
  • Mobility without the ball to disrupt opponents defense.
  • Combination play with players both in advance of and behind the ball.
  • Bending runs to avoid off-side.
  • Crossing and finishing.
  • Stretch the opposition to create space.

Wingers – attacking:

  • Offer width.
  • Beating an opponent before crossing.
  • Delivering early crosses.
  • Dribbling for penetration and possession.
  • Offer support in advanced positions.
  • Mobility off the ball to disrupt opposition back line.
  • Finishing from distance and close range.

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