Goalkeeper Language

It is important to improve the quality of communication between field players and you, the goalkeeper.It is imperative that you develop simple commands that have specific meaning in a commanding and confident voice.

AWAY/CLEAR – First time clearance high and away, giving your team a chance to recover.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE – The direction you wish the defender to push the attacker.

PUSH OUT/STEP UP – Players need to push up pulling the opposition off sides.

KEEPER – The main call used when calling off players from the ball, defenders must back him up when he goes to the ball.

WALL # – Number of players you need in the wall- don’t just set your own wall.

CONTAIN/DELAY – Don’t tackle or dive in, just shadow and delay the players advancement of the ball.

DOUBLE – Two men on player with the ball.

FRONT – Throw ins, free kicks, get in front of the man who is perceived to be most dangerous with the ball.

SUPPORT – You have help, play the ball back.

LEFT SHOULDER/RIGHT SHOULDER – Used to tell your defender a man is making a run across the defense or the fact a man is wide open.

MAN ON – Used when a defender is being closed down by the opponent.

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