Tovo Academy Partnership Announcement


TOVO Academy and Soccer Specific to launch TOVO Training Hub

TOVO Academy Barcelona joins forces with SoccerSpecific to create a TOVO | Training hub digital platform.

The platform will host all TOVO Training content. This will include professional development modules for the TOVO Coaching Course as well as all training content to support the implementation of the TOVO Training methodology with Club Alliance members worldwide.

TOVO | Training resonates with those coaches who are rethinking and redesigning the way we train footballers. SoccerSpecific empowers us to support the implementation of our entire training portfolio. Our clients will now have unlimited access to our intelligent football training curriculum,” comments Todd Beane, Founder of TOVO Academy Barcelona.

“We at SoccerSpecific are very excited to display online access to Todd Beane’s TOVO Training portfolio. Beane, founder of TOVO Academy, offers direct insight into the teaching methodology and philosophy of Johan Cruyff.   Beane’s holistic approach to coaching is thoughtfully organized and innovative.  We believe in TOVO Academy’s mission — Developing intelligent footballers, capable coaches, and global-minded leaders – and through this partnership, we welcome the opportunity to connect like-minded coaches around the world.” adds Anthony Latronica, Co-Founder of SoccerSpecific


TOVO | Training develops intelligent footballers capable of playing the game with vision, precision, and pace. This research-based training methodology develops total footballers – players of great cognition, competence and character. TOVO Academy Barcelona offer players, coaches and teams full immersion training programs on the shores of the Mediterranean in Spain.

ABOUT SoccerSpecific

SoccerSpecific’s mission is to create and share the highest quality coaching education for best player development around the world. For 14 years we have provided coaches with the educational tools they need to train players effectively. We continually strive to find new and innovative ways to meet the needs of coaches and players around the world.   We are eager to share this invaluable knowledge with anyone who wants to learn because we believe this ultimately helps our players develop and reach their greatest potential.