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SoccerSpecific is joining forces with Can’t Pass, Can’t Play to host the Can’t Pass, Can’t Play blog by Erik Imler, Retired Professional Player, NCAA Champion (1989, 1991, 1992), and 1992 U.S. Olympic Team Member (Barcelona, Spain).

“We are very excited to announce we are adding a blog section to our website by welcoming Can’t Pass, Can’t Play and its creator Erik Imler to our SoccerSpecific community! Erik has an incredible background as a player and coach but more specifically is an amazing ambassador for our sport. His character, passion for the game, and motivation to affect positive change in player development fits perfectly into our mission and culture. We feel that by providing the platform for Erik and CPCP, the coaches currently in our community as well as new ones who join us will benefit from the discussions regarding trends in the modern game at the youth level.” comments Anthony Latronica, Co-Founder of SoccerSpecific.

Can’t Pass, Can’t Play resonates with those coaches who are rethinking the way we train young soccer players.  SoccerSpecific provides coaches with a digital resource to catalog their own training sessions as well a full compliment of training exercises, podcasts and match analysis from coaches around the world. Our subscribers will now have unlimited access to a huge soccer training library,” adds Erik Imler, author of Can’t Pass, Can’t Play.


Can’t Pass, Can’t Play is a discussion forum for the observations seen at the youth levels of soccer in this country (United States). The objective of the blog is to ignite a conversation about the status quo of soccer at the roots of the game.

SoccerSpecific’s mission is to create and share the highest quality coaching education for best player development around the world. For 14 years we have provided coaches with the educational tools they need to train players effectively. We continually strive to find new and innovative ways to meet the needs of coaches and players around the world.   We are eager to share this invaluable knowledge with anyone who wants to learn because we believe this ultimately helps our players develop and reach their greatest potential.

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