Passing in 18 Finish on Goal


This week’s activity is fast paced and fun with plenty of repetition that is great for the goalkeepers as well as the field players.  It’s an excellent combination of passing and finishing that is great for all ages!  This is a great one to modify for Social Distancing as needed!

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Set up:

Use two penalty areas, 20 field players plus 2 GKs, Two groups of 10, one GK in each goal.  Plenty of balls, two mannequins, and 5 cones.  5 minutes each direction, 10-12 minutes total.

Passing in 18 Finish on Goal


Passing with a technical finish on goal.  Follow the pattern as shown, with two players at each cone with the exception of Player A (he stays and does not rotate for a given amount of time).  The ball is played sharply on the ground with the last player looking to place the ball left footed inside the far post as shown in highlighted yellow.  Five minutes on one side and then mirror it for five minutes on the other side.  Player rotation – advance one cone.

Coaching Points:

  • Crisp, sharp passing
  • Ball layoffs at an angle
  • Check away from the defender and then come and receive the ball
  • Passing accuracy
  • Shooting accuracy and technique
  • GK shot stopping technique
  • Getting feet set
  • Angle play
  • Diving at an angle
  • Hands to the ball first
  • Minimize rebounds