TOVO Academy Barcelona is dedicated to changing the way we develop footballers. To that end, we continue to work with dedicated and innovative coaches eager to rethink the way we train youth footballers. Our coaching courses are designed for passionate soccer coaches willing to invest in their own professional development.


There is no greater satisfaction than guiding young people as they explore their potential. You know this as an educator and you feel this as a coach. We must delve deep into talent develop so that we are prepared to nurture talented, intelligent and responsible athletes.

Welcome to TOVO Academy Barcelona.

Coaching football is so much more profound and demanding than just teaching a player to pass or shoot the football. If football were merely a collection of technical skills our job would be easy and many would be master coaches. But talent development reaches far beyond skill instruction. To be an excellent coach requires becoming a proficient educator and a positive role model.

The TOVO Coaching Course is designed to take trainers on a journey – one that goes outside the typical subject matters of federation licenses. A journey that asks us to think beyond the status quo. We will explore the ideas of practitioners and leaders beyond the pitch so that we may consider the best practices available to us on the pitch. Ultimately, we will share with you our method to develop players of great cognition, competence and character.



16 Modules and a remarkable week in Barcelona.

In order to optimize learning and provide a multi-dimensional experience to all coaches, we divide the program into three delivery formats. The Coaching Course consists of 16 modules in total.

On-line Education

The on-line portion of the program is the first step toward understanding the basic elements of our TOVO Training Method.

00 Introduction

01 Legacy of a Legend

02 The Argument for Innovation

03 5/1 Framework for Talent Development

04 Geo-Cognitive Paradigm

05 TOVO Footballer 3C Model

On-Site Workshops

We engage coaches in an interactive workshop to prepare them for the transition from theory to practice.

06 TOVO Training Wheel & Mandate

07 TOVO Coach Standards & Match Protocol

08 Rondos in Professional Play

09 System of Play: Conceptual Layering

On-Field Training

Putting theory into practice requires coaches to get on the field. Instruction on the field will demand that coaches participate fully in the training exercises and instruction.

10 Rondos

11 Movement

12 Position Play

13 Training Games

14 I Skills

15 System of Play

16 Principles of Play

For More Information on the TOVO Coaching Course, please visit our website.

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