Technical Considerations for Midfielders

Techniques Vital for Success as a Midfielder:

  1. Accurate passing, both long and short.
  2. Receiving and turning under intense pressure.
  3. Shooting, both from distance and close range.
  4. Dribbling for possession and penetration.
  5. Heading, attacking and defensive.
  6. Tackling.
  7. Crossing from varying angles and positions.

Application of Techniques:

Midfielders as a group – defensively:

  • Pressing opponents to disrupt their flow.
  • Offer pressure on ball, support, and balance.
  • Delay the opposition attack through “squeezing” space.
  • Provide zonal, man-to-man or a combination scheme.
  • Recovery runs to get behind the ball.
  • Transition from attack to defense.
  • Communication with fellow midfielders, defenders and forwards.

Midfielders as a group – attacking:

  • Offer support, both behind and in advance of the ball.
  • Transition from defense to attack quickly.
  • Make positive forward runs (with or without ball)
  • Maintain team balance and shape.
  • Link the play from defenders to attackers.
  • Offer width and depth.
  • Make runs to exploit and create space for self and teammates.
  • Alter the flow of the game (high tempo etc)
  • Make runs in advance of the forward line.
  • Shooting from distance and close range – finishing.
  • Combination play in middle and attacking thirds of field.

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