About Us


SoccerSpecific is a coaching education platform with the mission of creating and sharing the highest quality of coaching information in order to positively impact player development around the world.

For 14 years our goal has been to provide coaches with the tools they need to create and share this information in an effective way. With the launch of our new website, we are renewing our commitment to the continual learning process, to creating the highest quality of coaching education information, to sharing this invaluable knowledge with anyone who wants to learn and, in turn, helping our players develop and reach their greatest potential.

Within this site, you will find all of the content you have had access to in the past as well as some fresh new content that will continue to be added weekly.  SoccerSpecific.com has more than 300 sessions contributed by over 100 top soccer professionals around the world.

We have also revamped our Session Planner and now with our premium membership, you will have access to our new online version of Session Planner 4.0, which features improved functionality, easy saving, sharing, etc.

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