The Just Kickin’ It Podcast was started in 2015 by coaches, for coaches. Since that time, they have interviewed some of the best coaches domestically and globally that this game has to offer.

The podcast is full of practical insights regarding how you can train your team better, but it is also full of philosophical insights so you can learn how to lead yourself better. The mantra of Just Kickin’ it is and always will be that “Coaches are lifelong learners.” Old and cliché? Perhaps. But, tried and true nonetheless. This podcast is a way for you to learn from the best so that you can become better.

Podcasts include 90 minutes of conversation with former Manchester United First Team coach, and Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man, Rene Meulensteen. We will also travel to Sao Paulo to chat with Michael Beale, current assistant coach to club legend and current Sao Paulo FC coach, Rogerio Ceni.

The sports science and fitness world is often deemed off-limit by soccer coaches, but no more. Just Kickin’ It has dug deep with some of the best fitness coaches and sports scientists in the game to bridge the gap between fitness coaches and soccer coaches so we can now speak the same language.

Conversations in this realm include: Dave Tenney (Seattle Sounders),  Darren Burgess (Liverpool FC), Raymond Verheijen (World Football Academy), Darcy Norman (AS Roma), and many more.

Youth development is an art and a science and we discuss both with a variety of practitioners and academy managers from across the globe. Just Kickin’ It has explored the unopposed vs opposed debate, early specialization, tactics at specific ages, playing up an age group, athlete-centered vs coach-centered, and how to build a youth structure that works with the likes of Jonathan Henderson (Bristol Rovers FC), Darren Sawatzky (Seattle Sounders), Liviu Bird (Kistap Pumas), Marc Nicholls (Seattle Sounders), Michael Munoz (LA Galaxy), Erwin Van Elst (Meulensteen Method), Christian Lavers (US Club Soccer), Sam Snow (USYSA), Ian Barker (NSCAA), and many more.

College soccer is not left to its own vices either. The show is hosted by Josh Faga, assistant men’s soccer coach at Duquesne University, and Brian Shrum, assistant women’s soccer coach at Duquesne University. They speak candidly with some of the best college coaches in the country to unearth what is possible within the college walls regarding player development, tactics, and more. Coaches interviewed include Jay Martin (Ohio Wesleyan), Bob Warming (Penn State University), Erica Dambach Walsh (Penn State University), Erwin Van Bennekom (Duke University), Neil Jones (Loyola Chicago), Mario Sanchez (SIUE), and many more.

No matter where you are coaching, whether it is in the English Premier League or your 10 year old son’s club team, Just Kickin’ It Podcast will help you become a better coach one conversation at a time!