11v11 Fast Attack


Does your team have a designated line of confrontation? Does it depend on your opponent or your own system of play? Do you work enough on counter attacking, defending the counter, or countering the counter? Here is a simple set up to accomplish all mentioned components of the game. Adjust it to your system of play, player personnel, opponent on the weekend, or simply run the repetitions to build team cohesiveness.


Both teams are organized in a 4-3-3 with the numbering system shown with the red team.


Red team starts with the ball with their GK in a regular build-up. Yellow team organizes their line of confrontation (dotted green line) defensively inside the middle zone (green). Red team must play through the middle zone to advance into their final third to score. Once the yellow team wins the ball they have 6-8 seconds to break out of the middle zone to create a goal scoring opportunity. All players can defend in the attacking third on either side. Pattern a designated amount of repetitions or for 15 minutes.

Coaching Points:

Establish a comfortable line of confrontation for your team. Establish smart tactical starting positions in order to make play predictable. Once possession is won, play forward quickly, hard runs into advanced spaces. Commit numbers forward and make sure you have at least one plus in the back. Progress to countering the counter. Switch the teams roles.