2 Touch Prepare And Pass

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Accuracy and weight of passing. Encourages players to correctly receive the ball into space prior to passing.

20 x 10 yard grid. Four players per grid with two balls.
Two players (A,B) are positioned at opposite sides of the grid as shown.
Two players (C,D) are positioned in the center of the grid.


Players (A) and (B) must pass the ball to (C) and (D). Players (C) and (D) must take a preparation touch and quickly return the pass to the original player. Players (C) and (D) must quickly change direction to repeat the sequence at opposite ends of the grid. Outside players must use a two-touch restriction also. Middle player should work for 30-40 seconds before switching with the outside players.


(1) Create a competitive environment – how many can your group get in 30 seconds.

Coaching Points:

  • Lock the ankle with the toe slightly pointed up.
  • Players must take a good preparation touch at an angle to set themselves up for a successful pass.
  • Non-kicking foot must be placed in line with the target.
  • Follow through and adjust the weight as necessary.