4V3 Attacking to Goal with Fixed Defenders

Here is an alternative look at a high paced finishing activity. Play is initiated with a penetrating ball to the center forward #9 and joined by wide players and a trailing midfielder coming on to the play. Plug in your personnel to customize your objectives and provide plenty of game related repetitions for your defenders and attackers.

4V3 Attacking to Goal with Fixed Defenders


4V3 to goal, yellow and green defenders are permanent. 2X5 minutes, offside rule applies.

4V3 Attacking to Goal with Fixed Defenders | SoccerSpecific.com


Attacker from side of goal starts with a pass out to the #9. Wingers from each side and the passer join the #9 to make a 4V3 to goal. After the play is over repeat starting from the other side.

Coaching Points:

  • Attacking: Attack with speed, create 2V1’s, movement to get behind, run at defenders, shoot if the defenders don’t close down the ball.
  • Defending: Disciplined positioning, cutting off shooting and passing lanes, knowing when to step to ball, blocking shots, holding an appropriate offside line.