5 V 2 Keep Away With Transition

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Passing in small groups to encourage proper angles and distance of support.

Two 10 x 10 yard grids set up side by side.
Five players in each 10 x 10 grid.
Teams wear different colored bibs.
A ball is positioned inside one of the grids.


The team in possession of the ball attempts to keep the ball for as long as possible through sharp passing and constant moving.  The team opposite can send over two players (A,B) to try to win possession of the ball.  This creates a 5v2 situation.  If (A or B) wins possession of the ball they must pass the ball to their teammates in the opposite grid.  The opponents can then send over two players to try to win possession of the ball.  Play is continuous for a designated period of time.  Each time the ball transitions across the grids two new players must act as the defenders to create the 5v2.


(1)  One-touch restriction for all players.

Coaching Points:

  • Passing must be sharp and accurate – keep the ball moving.
  • Players must offer good angles and distance of support to receive passes.
  • Defenders should apply as much pressure as possible to force a high tempo.
  • Players must stay focused during transition.