6V6 Finishing


Include your GK creating a 4V2 during the buildout phase, transition into the attacking phase quickly so you can keep the numerical advantage. Requiring a recovering defender adds a very unique twist to this competitive 6V6 finishing activity. How many of the opponents can you eliminate with one soccer action? Good luck!

6V6 Finishing


6V6 finishing game that encourages technical skills around the opponent’s box. Pitch size is double penalty box. Attacking team: 3 + GK (assisting with build out) v 2 (strikers defending) in their own half and then 3 v 2 + GK in attacking half of the field. (one defending player most drop off the field/ in transition this can also be used as recovery run). Plenty of balls at the goals.

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6V6 Finishing


Various conditions can be applied such as 1 touch finishing or a maximum of 3 passes in attacking half before the ball is required to go back across the half-way line to re-set the attack phase.

To create early success, you can initially instruct the defenders that they require to play “goal side” of the attackers during the opposition build up.

Restriction options can be varied such as players being told that they must pass the ball across the halfway line or dribble or allow both.

Tactical Extension: increase both halves by 10 yards and use this space to add in options of offside.

Coaching Points:

  • Encourage set up play of quick short passes leading lay-offs for shots
  • Encourage strikers to be aware when they can turn or make movements to create shooting opportunities for themselves
  • Encourage the creation of opportunities to shoot as early as possible but also for players to be aware of when to recycle for a 2nd phase approach
  • Encourage awareness of why the deliberate creation of the 2nd phase approach can craft attacking options by controlling the movement of the defending team