8 V 4 Keep-away


Passing, Angles of support, defending


25 x 25 yard grid.
12 players in each grid.
A selection of balls are placed at the side of the grid with the coach.
Two sets of colored bibs.
4 players are designated as the defenders to start the game.

The coach starts the activity by passing a ball into any of the eight attacking players.  The eight attacking players attempt to keep possession for as long as they can.  The four defenders must try to intercept the ball and clear it from the grid.  Play for a total of six balls before switching the defensive players.


  1. Limit touches to 1.
  2. The coach times the activity to give the defenders some urgency.

Coaching Points:

  • Quality of passing is imperative.
  • Angles of support.
  • Vision to find the penetrating pass.