Basic Overlapping


Accuracy and weight of passing and supporting runs after the pass

10 x 20 yard grid with 2 cones placed at the 10-yard line as shown.  Two groups of 4 players are positioned at each end of the grid.  One ball per group of 8 players.  Repeat setup to accommodate the entire team.


Player (A) passes begins the exercise by passing a ball through the center of the grid to (B) at the opposite end.  Immediately after passing the ball (A) must curve his run around one of the cones at the 10-yard line.  Player (A) joins the back of the opposite line.  Player (B) repeats the sequence in the opposite direction.  This curved run will introduce the basic concept of overlapping around the outside of a teammate.

Coaching Points:

  • Players should change speeds to quickly overlap.
  • Players can use two touches (1 to prepare, 1 to pass).
  • Accuracy and weight of the pass are equally important.
  • Strike through the middle of the ball with the inside of the foot.