Be Direct, Go For Goal

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Dribbling for penetration, developing an attacking mentality – small sided game

50 x 40 yard grid.  A 6 v 6 is organized inside the grid.  Flags are used to create a goal at each end of the grid.  Goalkeeper in each goal.  Cones are placed to create a 15-yard deep end zone at opposite ends of the grid.  A supply of balls is placed around the perimeter of the grid.


Players compete for possession of the ball.  Players attempt to score in their opponents goal.  No restrictions are placed on the players while in their defensive zone or in the central playing area.  Players entering the opposition end zone are NOT allowed to pass the ball – they must go for goal.  This encourages players to make smart decisions with regard to making attacking runs into their opponents end zone.  Players are encouraged to seek out 1v1 situations.  Players are encouraged to be direct, take chances and be positive in attacking areas of the field.  In the above diagram player (B) has received a pass from (A).  Player (B) beats defender (C), accelerates into the end zone, beats defender (D) and shoots on goal.


  1. Must get a shot off within 3 seconds of entering the end zone.

Coaching Points:

  • Encourage players to take chances in 1v1 situations.
  • Pass the ball around until 1v1 situations arise.
  • Be direct – Go for goal when the opportunity arises.
  • Change of pace – burst into the opponents end zone.
  • Penetrate at earliest opportunity.