Breakaways With Recovering Defender


Finishing in 1v1 situations with the goalkeeper

Two goals are placed 36 yards apart (two penalty boxes on top of each other).  Squad is split into two groups and positioned next to each goal as shown.  Each group requires a supply of balls.  Goalkeepers are positioned in each goal


The first player in line dribbles towards the opposing goalkeeper creating a 1v1 situation.  As soon as the shot is taken, the first player on the opposing team can start dribbling 1v1 towards the opposite goalkeeper.  The first shooter becomes the recovering defender and attempts to put pressure (from behind) on the opponent.  Play continues in this alternating fashion for a designated number of goals.  Players must return to their original line after each attempt.


  1. A shot must be taken within a 3 second time period.
  2. Create a competitive environment – first team to 10 goals wins.

Coaching Points:

  • Attack the goalkeeper at pace.
  • Slot the ball low to the side of the goalkeeper.
  • Don’t switch off – recover as soon as you shoot.