Crossing and Finishing Competition

Try this fun and competitive activity to goal with your youth team. The three main areas of focus include: providing quality service in the box, timing of runs to the near and far post, and first time finishes on goal on the ground, with the head, and out of the air on a volley. This activity will provide the repetitions needed to increase their efficiency in the final third and comfort level in and around the goal.

Best for Ages 12-15

Crossing and Finishing Competition


12-24 field players plus 2-4 goalkeepers, split the group in half and then divide them in teams of three. Four groups of three on one field and the other four groups with an identical set up on the other field or as numbers permit. Keep score: 1 point first time finish on ground, 2 points first time finish with head, 3 points first time finish with a volley. 2 x 8 minutes, manipulate groups, determine overall winner.

Crossing and Finishing Competition |


Stay within your groups of three, forward plays it into the coach who lays it back to the forward, he then strikes the ball with his laces through the flags in the channel, player in the channel has three touches to get the service into the box for the near and far post runner. Must be a first time finish.

Coaching Points:

  • Crisp entry ball to the coach
  • Accuracy of driven ball out wide
  • Quality of the crosses
  • Quality and timing of the runs
  • Technique and placement of the finish
  • Competition
  • No wasted reps!!

*To increase difficulty add mannequins or two live defenders.