Cut The Ball

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Dribbling, quick changes of direction and running with the ball at speed

20 x 20 yard grid.  Four cones are placed on the perimeter of the grid as shown.  A flag is placed in the center of the grid.  Players are split into 4 groups and are positioned at each of the cones.  One ball per group.


Players (A) from two opposite lines dribble to the right of the flag, perform a cut with the inside of the right foot and take a sharp left turn.  Each player joins the group to the left of their original group.  The first two players (B) in the other two lines repeat the sequence.  The groups alternate in this fashion for a designated period of time.

NOTE:Players must each go to the same side to avoid collisions, example – both players must go to the right of the flag, make a sharp left turn as shown in the above diagram OR players go to the left of the flag and perform a sharp right turn.


  1. Coach determines which cuts players must use – Inside of either foot, outside of either foot etc.

Coaching Points:

  • Push the ball out of your feet.
  • Keep eyes up to scan the playing area.
  • Cut the ball hard and accelerate out of the grid.
  • Communicate with player opposite to leave at the same time.