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This passing activity was observed by SoccerSpecific Staff in Zagreb while watching the Dinamo Zagreb youth teams train at their training facility.  This activity will be especially effective in the U10-U14 age group, but can be used at higher levels as well.


Dinamo Zagreb passing sequence.  Three 12x12x12 triangles set up as shown.  6-9 players per group depending on your numbers.  2 variations – 2 minutes each direction.


  1. First variation – Player A wall passes with Player B who wall passes with Player C who penetrates to the end of the line.
  2. Second Variation – Player D plays it to Player E who lays it off to Player D.  Player D plays the third man Player F who lays it back to Player E for a wall pass.  Player F penetrates at speed to the end of the group.

Coaching Points:

  • Third man combination runs and patterns
  • Timing of runs
  • Passing in tight spaces
  • Angles of support
  • Receiving with hips open
  • Communication and change of speed and direction