Driven Pass With The Instep

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40 x 40 yard grid.
Four 10 x 10 yard grids are coned off at each end of the grid.
Groups of two players per grid.
Players work in pairs at each end of the grid. One ball per group. Repeat setup to accommodate entire team.


Players (1) and (2) pass the ball back and forth inside their 10 x 10 grid.  After 4-5 passes one of the two players strikes a ball with their instep (laces) across the grid to the two players opposite.  The players receiving the ball must control it as quickly as possible and repeat the sequence.

Players must use 2-touch maximum.
Players must reach their teammates without the ball bouncing.

Coaching Points:

  • Attempt to “drive” the ball – not chip it.
  • Use the laces.
  • Get body in line with the flight of the ball to control it.