Goals – Goals – Goals – Galore


Fun game! Passing for accuracy, composure on the ball, decision making, movement on and off the ball, defending and attacking play.

Divide players into equal teams.  Using the entire half of the field set up multiple goals facing various directions.



  1. Start off with one ball.
  2. Players may not score on the same goal twice in the same sequence.
  3. Players can score by dribbling the ball through the goals.
  4. As the players feel comfortable with the exercise then add one or two more balls.  This will spread out the game, allowing more touches on the ball as well as more decisions.
  5. A variation to this exercise is counting a goal when the ball is passed through one side of the goal and collected by a teammate on the other side.
  6. Lift all restrictions and allow any type of scoring to take place (dribble or pass).

Coaching Points:

  • Improve communication between teammates
  • Accuracy of passing
  • Decision making
  • Changing the point off attack
  • Ability to take players on
  • Possession of the ball
  • Defending
  • Dribbling to evade and beat an opponent