Hit The Target Man #2


Laying balls off, supporting at an angle, passing, turning

4 flags are positioned approximately 4 yards apart in the center of a grid as shown.  Players are split into 4 groups and are positioned 12-15 yards from each flag.  4 players are designated as target players and are positioned slightly in front of each flag.  2 cones are placed 4-5 yards (right and left) in front of the target player.  3-4 balls per group.

Advanced_Hit the target man2-p-t

The first player in line (A) passes a ball into the target player.  The target player passes the ball straight back to (A).  Player (A) passes the ball, again, to the target player.  Immediately after the second pass player (A) must burst forward at an angle to offer support for the return pass.  Player (A) must receive the ball with an open body position (sideways on) before accelerating back to his group.  Next player starts when player (A) receives the ball from the target player.  Play is continuous for a designated number of reps or time.  Target player is changed after designated time.


Use 1 ball per group.  After the player receives the ball from the target player he must pass it to the next player in line.

Coaching Points:

  • Firm passes in to target.
  • Burst forward (accelerate) to support at an angle.
  • Communicate with the target, tell him what side you are going to.