Mannequin Challenge!


Have your GKs take the mannequin challenge! But probably not the one you’re thinking of…

Try this low intensity activity that focuses on the accuracy of your GK’s distribution. Perfect for the day before a match, as part of a regeneration session or use it every week and have some fun with our youth GKs. Your GKs will love the chance to compete and keep score.  Great for social distancing!

Mannequin Challenge


Set up as shown, at least two GKs competing against each other, at least one server as shown and highlighted in yellow. Mannequins are organized in a 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation in the numbering system.

Mannequin Challenge |


The server drives a shot on goal from different areas on the field. The GK must make the save, secure possession of the ball and distribute to the mannequins in numerical order. Type of distribution includes: #4&5 (central defenders) roll out, #2&3 (outside backs) overhead throw, #6&8 (defensive and central midfielder) driven ball inside of the foot, #10,7,11 (attacking midfielder and wide attackers) driven ball with laces and lastly #9 (center forward) side volley from hands. Ball must hit the mannequin to earn the point. Assign the points as you wish, each GK gets equal opportunities.

Coaching Points:

Higher up the field the mannequins are double wide in order to provide a slightly bigger target, any of the mannequins can be replaced with small goals, large goals or live players if available. Variations include: 1. Server can shout out the number while shot is in the air and GK must distribute accordingly to that position at game speed. 2. GK must alternate left/right foot and throwing distribution. 3. The server can change the type of ball played into the GK, back pass etc. and you can move the mannequins higher up the field increasing the difficulty.