Penetrating Passes

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Possession to encourage players to find the penetrating pass.

20 x 20 yard grid.
Eight players per grid with one ball.
Two players (A,B) are designated defenders: all other players are considered attackers.
This creates a 6v2 situation inside the playing area.
Six gates are created using cones placed approximately 1 yard apart.


The 6 attackers must attempt to keep possession of the ball.  Points are awarded for successfully passing the ball to a teammate through any of the gates.  Points are also awarded for 10 consecutive passes by the attacking team.  The defenders must attempt to put as much pressure as possible on the attackers.  Play for a designated period of time or for a predetermined number of points.  Rotate the defenders frequently to avoid fatigue and maintain a high tempo.


  1. Two-touch restriction for all players.
  2. Reduce the size of the playing area.
  3. Make the numbers 5v3.
  4. Make the numbers 4v4.

Coaching Points:

  • Passing must be sharp and accurate – keep the ball moving.
  • Players must offer good angles and distance of support to receive passes.
  • Constant movement to find and exploit the available space.
  • Go for the penetrating pass at the earliest opportunity.