Receive And Pass

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Accuracy and weight of passing. Encourages players to prepare the ball into space rather than stopping the ball before attempting a pass.

10 x 10 yard grid. Players work in pairs with one ball.
Four cones are placed in the center of the grid as shown.
These four cones create 3 channels that the ball can travel through.
Players begin on opposite sides approximately 4 yards away from the cones.


Players must pass the ball through the cones with accuracy and the correct weight. Players cannot pass the ball through the same channel that it arrived through. This forces players to prepare the ball into space before attempting the next pass. Each pair begins the game with 5 points. Points are deducted for knocking over a cone. Last pair to lose all of their points wins the game.


(1) Groups of four. Two players on each side of the cones.

Coaching Points:

  • Lock the ankle with the toe slightly pointed up.
  • Non-kicking foot must be placed in line with the target.
  • Redirect the ball into space prior to attempting the pass.
  • Follow through and adjust the weight as necessary.