Rowdies’ Neill Collins Drone Video


Neill Collins made a career out of shutting down the opponents’ attack while playing for sides like Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Leeds United, and Sheffield United. Recently taking on his first managerial position with the USL’s Tampa Bay Rowdies, Neill spent some time with the US Paralympic National Team during one of their recent training camps in Florida.

This session focuses on small group defensive principles showing two versions of a 2V2 to goal, following by a 4V2/4V3 to goal with a recovering defender, ending with a 7V7 match at the end. Have a close look at 3:33-4:20 where the blue team has lost possession building out of the back and now must emergency defend against the counter. The drone footage gives us a clear picture of the spacing between each defender, the GK, and goal they are defending.