Sheffield United Fc – Finishing


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The following two finishing activities were used at the end of a Sheffield United FC first team sessions to improve the sharpness of the attacking players.  The 1v1 with the goalkeeper is a combination of fitness and finishing for the forward and fitness and recovery work for the keeper.  The attacker versus recovering defender activity is a good way to end a session and provides for a lot of technical repetition, finishing under pressure, overload in terms of fitness and works the defender and goalkeeper at the same time.

Sheffield United FC –¬†Finishing


Activity One:

1v1 + K

Set Up:

Keeper in goal. Two cones on 18-yard line in line with the corner of the six. A second cone is placed diagonally 4 yards away and 2 yards inside the penalty area. Player at the cone on the 18-yard line is the defender. Player at the cone inside the penalty area is the attacker. Coach with a supply of balls at the top of the arc.

Diagram (a)
Activity #1


Coach serves the ball into the penalty area. Attacker runs on to the pass and looks to finish. Defender tracks the run and tries to win the ball or block the shot. Rotate left and right. Rotate players attacking and defending. Make competitive.

Coaching Points:

React quicker than defender when ball is played
Decide whether to finish 1 touch or 2 touch
Hold off the defender and not allow him to recover ball side and goal side
Technique of the finish – shot selection – pace behind the shot

Activity Two:


Set Up:

1v1 activity between the keeper and an attacking player. 2 cones placed on the corner of the six-yard area. 1 cone 10 yards away from the 18-yard line. 6 balls placed along the 18-yard line.

Diagram (a)
Activity #2


Keeper starts off on goal line and attacker starts off on 18-yard line. On “go” the keeper sprints to one of the cones and then back to the goal. The attacker sprints to his cone and back to a ball and takes a shot. After forward shoots he runs around cone and shoots another ball. At the same time the keeper sprints to one of his cones and back to make the save. Keep score.

Coaching Points:

  • Work rate from both players
  • Footwork of the keeper to recover to the center of his goal
  • Attacker – accuracy of the shot. Surface selection – low driven, bent, side footed, left or right