Six Goal Game to Two Big Goals

Want to improve your play in the final third? Six Goal Game to Two Big Goals is an excellent and competitive game that will teach your players the right moments to slip your #9 and #10 in behind the back four. Look to play forward and penetrate, switch the point of attack while creating 2V1 attacking opportunities, possession and combination play, always looking for the #9 and #10 runs in behind.

Six Goal Game to Two Big Goals

Set up:

10v10 + 2 six goal game (two big goals and four small goals). Playing area (shaded) is 65 yards wide by 45 yards long. Red coned lines represent offside lines and are five yards outside the top of the penalty areas in order to leave space for balls to be played in to. Two coaches are located just behind two small goals with balls in order to facilitate the direction and pace of the game. Two additional support staff are included to call offside when appropriate.

3 x 3-4 minute games

Six Goal Game to Two Big Goals |


The two teams can score on either of the two small goals as well as the opponent’s big goal. At any point during the run of play, the #9 or #10 can be slipped through for a breakaway to goal. If the player is onside, the play continues and the defenders must stay inside the playing (shaded) area. If a goal is scored, the scoring team starts a new ball from the back receiving it from the coach. If the GK gains possession, he can build out going back the other way. GKs can be used as support players as in a normal game.

Coaching Points:

  • Look to play forward to penetrate
  • Switch the point of attack while creating 2v1 attacking opportunities
  • Always look for the #9 and #10 runs in behind
  • Possession and combination play
  • Back four must cover three goals so they must stay connected
  • Slide across and cut off passing and shooting lanes
  • All other defensive and attacking principles apply
  • Variation includes allowing the 7 and 11 to penetrate to goal as well as the 9 or 10