Snake Tag


Communication amongst teammates.

Players will partner up with a teammate in groups of two inside a grid space of 20 X 20 yards.


To tag the free player before they can interlock elbows with an already existing pair.


  1. Form groups of two.
  2. Two players will be it to start the exercise.
  3. Player #1 will try and tag player #2 who is holding a ball.
  4. Player #2 will try and lock arms with another group.  When he does, he hands off the ball to the player on the opposite end.
  5. Once player #2 joins an already existing group the player #3 on the opposite end of that group who now has the ball will now peal off and find another group before he gets tagged.
  6. If player #1 doesn’t catch a player within one minute, switch that player out and replace them with a rested player.

Coaching Points:

  • Communication between teammates
  • Develops agility and speed of thought