Team Attack – Counter Attack


Use this fast paced game to work on a variety of game-like situations. Emphasis should be placed on organized defensive pressure to win the ball and the ability to quickly break forward to counter-attack.

Team Attack – Counter Attack

Set Up:

Three Teams of 5 Players in a 60×20 yard grid. The playing area has x2 5-yard wide endzones (shaded area in diagram)

Diagram (a)
Diagram (a)


The Black team starts with the ball and advances to attack the opposite Red team. The team in possession (Black) must attempt to get the ball into the endzone under control – this can be from passing / dribbling etc. If the Black team scores or if they are dispossessed by the Red team the roles immediately reverse – the Red team now attacks the Yellow team at the opposite end of the grid. The Black team remains at the end of the grid to await the next attack.
Play is continuous..

Coaching Points:

  • Movement off the ball to create angles
  • Sharp passing and movement
  • Quick transitions into attack
  • Staying compact defensively