Team Crossing Exercise


Basic pattern play resulting in crossing and finishing.  Timing and angles of runs into the box

Server (1) stands inside the center circle with a supply of balls.  Servers (2) and (3) are positioned 30 yards from goal and ten yards in from the sideline.  Player (4) starts close to server (3) and player (5) starts 30 yards out even with the corner of the six-yard box as shown.


Server (1) drives the ball into server (2).  Server (2) plays a one-two pass with Server (3) who is checking back to the ball.  Server (3) slots the ball down the line for server (2).  Server (2) makes his run down the outside channel and crosses into the box.  Players (4) and (5) time their runs to the near and far post.  Players must attempt to finish with one touch.  Rotate the servers and attackers to avoid fatigue.


  1. Can only finish with a header.
  2. Add recovering defenders that start at the same location as players (4,5).

Coaching Points:

  • Attack the ball in the air – don’t wait for it to drop.
  • Timing and angle of runs into the box – try to cover the front and back posts.
  • All crosses must be hit with pace.
  • Buildup play must be one-touch.