Technical Pass And Move


Sharp touches, laying balls off, angles of support, communication

Advanced_Technical Pass and Move

30 x 20 yard grid with six cones positioned as shown.
Players are split into 2 groups and are positioned at (A).
One player from each group is positioned at (B) and (C).
3-4 balls per group.

Play starts with a pass (1) from (A) to (B).  (B) lays the ball off (2) to oncoming (A).  (A) then passes the ball (3) diagonally to (C).  (C) checks towards the ball then lays the ball off to (B).  (C) spins back around the cone and receives a return pass (4) from (B).  (C) dribbles back to the end of the line.  Each player advances one cone after each pass – example (A) becomes (B), (B) becomes (C) etc.

Play is continuous with both groups working at the same time.  The next player in line starts as soon as the player in front has advanced to the next cone.


  1. After spinning around the cone (C) must take a preparation touch and then pass the ball to the next player in line.

Coaching Points:

  • Try to find a rhythm with the sequence – sharp lay-offs to encourage teammate to come forward.
  • “Ping” the ball diagonally across the grid.
  • Accuracy of passing and quality of touches.
  • Communication at all times.