Transition & Counter Attack


We are excited to feature an activity from a SoccerSpecific community member, Traum, this week!  Traum is from Jordan and we love his unique and creative ideas!  We welcome content submissions from all of our members and love seeing what you are doing with your teams all over the world!  Send your submissions to [email protected] for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!

Here is a unique activity to try with your young players. Find the balance between committing numbers forward and being aggressive to goal and playing as quickly as possible under control. This activity will provide a certain amount of chaos but see if your team can keep their composure where it matters, in the final third!



3V3+3 to 2 goals. Set up as shown. Lay out the field into two parts.



Coach initiates the play by serving the ball into the small field. 1 yellow and 1 red player enter the playing area and compete for the ball. The remaining 2 red and yellow players join the play once possession is established. Team in possession should complete a designated number of passes, make sure to utilize the three neutral players on the outside. Once they have connected enough passes, they can score on the first goal. Once the goal has been scored, the coach serves a second ball as shown. Now, both red and green teams attack the goal while the yellow players become defenders making it a 6v3 counter attack to goal.

Coaching Points:

Win possession of the initial ball played in, pass, receive, possession, finishing, indirect way of coaching transition and counter attacking, defenders have the role to delay counter attack or send attacking team away from goal to wide areas.

Variations include: Adding a second GK in the first goal, increase the number of passes needed for possession, alternate roles and responsibilities of the three teams, increase the distance of the area between the two goals.