Valencia Cf U15 Training


Ken Krieger had the pleasure of observing Valencia CF train over a two week period – the following session is part of his training journal. Valencia are one of the most prestigious Clubs in European Football and are currently 2nd in the Spanish Primera Division. Ken has offered to share his FULL journal with our SoccerSpecific coaches!

Ken currently serves as the Technical Director for Prince William Soccer Inc. located in Woodbridge Va. (PWSI), where he is responsible for player development, coaching education, and the technical direction of the Prince William Soccer Club. Krieger holds a USSF ‘A’ License, USSF National Youth License and his NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma. Krieger also served as a DC United (US Premier League) Youth Academy U14/U16 Coach, Technical Director of the Washington Freedom Youth Program and USYSA Region 1 and VYSA ODP Programs.

*The following session was a part of the training program for the U15-U16 Valencia CF Youth Team. Salva, the Head Coach, of the U15 youth team was the instructor during the two-week stay.

Valencia C.F. U15 Training Session

Session Objectives:

  • Improve short and long passes with changing the point of attack.
  • Improve precision and pressing concepts.
  • Improve defense and transition in the attack.
  • Improve the player’s position function in the games system of play.


  • Continuous running (5’)
  • Dynamic stretching (10’)

Warm-Up II:
*Including the ball. The squad was organised into games of 5 vs 2 in 10 x 10-yard grids. See Diagram (a) below.

Diagram A
Diagram A

The 5 (red) players must keep the ball away from the defenders (yellow) through quick accurate 1 and 2-touch passing. A “defender” switches roles if the attacker loses possession or if the ball leaves the grid.

Total Warm-Up Time – 30 minutes.

Principal Session – Technical and Tactical Training

Activity #1: Possession and Pressing

Set Up:
Three teams of “7” players are organised as shown in a 65×44 yard area. The “7” green players act as “neutral” players and play for the team in possession of the ball.

Diagram B
Diagram B

Focus of the game is to maintain possession of the ball. 7 v. 7 (Red vs.Yellow) + 7 ‘neutral’ or ‘plus’ players. 7 red players, who can only pass the ball amongst themselves with a three-pass restriction. 7 green players as ´neutrals´, help by passing the ball with a one-touch restriction, against 7 defensive yellow players. The 7 players in defense try to move with the ball, making the game predictable, attempting to win the ball back as quickly as possible. By this pressing, once they have won the ball they keep possession with the ´neutral´ players and the red players quickly become defenders. The playersare encouraged to alternate short passes and long passes by changing the point of play forcing the defensive team to develop good pressing habits.
*In the diagram above the Yellow (defensive) team are illustrated moving as a group to press the ball.

Total Time – 30 minutes.

Activity #2 – Three Team Match – Defense-Attack Transition

Set Up:
Playing area is 3/4 of a pitch. The playing area is divided in two with a half-way line. Three teams of 7 players are organised as shown.

Diagram C
Diagram C

In one half two teams of 7 players compete for possession of the ball, in the other half 7 players wait. The game consists of one team trying to score in the other team’s goal, the defensive team trying to win the ball back. Once the defensive team has won the ball, they then attack the other team on the opposite half, and so on. If a team scores a goal they continue to be the attacking team by receiving the next bnall from their goalkeeper.

*In Diagram (c) above, The Green team are attacking the Red defensive team. If Red gains possession of the ball they must immediately attack in the opposite direction against the Yellow team. In the above Diagram the Red team are illustrated shifting their positions as a “grooup” to press the ball.

Coaching Points:

  • Quick Transitions from Defence – Attack
  • Defensive organisation and shape
  • Pressing to win the ball

Total Time – 45 minutes.

Cool Down:

  • Continuous Running
  • Static-Stretching – Abdominal Exercises
  • Muscular relaxation techniques

Total Time – 15 minutes.

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