Marcelo Serrano – United States U-17 Men’s National Team Assistant Coach, former Brazilian Football Federation U-20, U-17 & U-15 Assistant Coach, former interim Head Coach of Brazilian Premier League Coritiba Football Club, former Technical Director and Assistant Coach of Brazilian Premier League Sport Club Bahia

“For the past 10 years I have been using the best coaching resource ever created to assist coaches like me in our daily work! The new Session Planner 4.0 takes my preparation and ability to share information to another level. I recommend it to coaches of all levels!”

Bob Thomas, Jr. – ASA Premier, BU14’s & GU16’s
“Having been a member for over five years, I have valued and appreciated SoccerSpecific’s professionally written and clearly demonstrated drills to assist me in running a more advanced soccer session.  I have never seen a soccer website that has provided so many professional and advanced drills to help all my teams.  They have all types of drills for all types of coaches and teams.”

Shelly Bird – South Park, PA USA
“I coach a girls high school soccer team in Western PA. I use every day during the season. I like the variety of offerings and I especially like the position specific sessions. Soccer has changed so much in the last 10 years, and allows me to keep up with age and skill appropriate training. It allows my team to consistently compete at the highest level.”

Coach Traum – Amman, Jordan
“…I found the Session planner. It caught my eye. It is simple to use, with all the equipment needed. I liked it at first, but was hoping while lecturing, players do like it as well. They did. They easily understood what I and colleagues meant every time. They went to the ground and the sessions were flowing just easily. The secret behind the Session Planner is the simplicity. The youngsters when watching are actually seeing themselves before starting sessions. I wouldn’t trade Session Planner for any other software. One, because me, the colleagues and players like it. Two, you will learn many things going through the website…When I was looking for the wheel, I just go to the website and find the rich content there. I read many books, attended many lectures, but I still can’t get more updated and always new sessions from any where else than there.”

Bill Andrews – Head Men´s Soccer Coach, Middlesex College – New Jersey
“Just wanted to let you know how terrific your site is. I coach a local men´s college team in New Jersey and have found the information provided to be most useful. The ability to take my ideas and transfer them to your session planner gives me a great organizing tool. The graphics are simple and easy to use. While looking most professional. Needless to say, I will continue with soccerspecific for the rest of my coaching career. Keep up the great work!”

Mark Watson – Salt Lake, Utah
“Soccer has always been a big part of my life. My playing days spent coming from the trenches of New Jersey rec soccer to Division 1 college ball in New York state. I now reside in Utah where youth soccer is exploding. I have been coaching youth soccer here for 10 years. I currently coach 2 state comp teams, a u-16 premier boys team and a girls u-12 Division 2 team. These are both independent teams. Which means I don´t have a pool of coaches to draw on for training that a large expensive club would have. I try to create a quality, affordable experience for families of all economic stature. This is where comes into play. I was at first skeptical when I received the initial e-mails touting the benefits of the site. Like most coaches with reasonable playing experience one tends to get slightly prideful when it comes to coaching suggestions or critiques. This attitude quickly changed when I garnered my password, logged on, and gave it a go. One year later, not a training session goes by that I do not utilize tactical or technical advice from your website. The credentials of the coaches that you showcase are impeccable. I recently used your full sessions focusing on “Training Twin Strikers” and “Playing Out of the Back” with great success with both my teams. I may not win your contest, but I will continue to log on, learn, and transfer this knowledge to tomorrows stars of the “beautiful game”. Thank you for supporting Utah Youth Soccer!”

Joe Leonard – Salt Lake City, Utah USA
“I am the head coach for a U9 Competition team, and a U14 Recreation team. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. We are members of the Utah Soccer Alliance club (USA). I have been very pleased with the website. I have learned many coaches tips and practice plans from the website. The wide variety of fun drills and excersises that are offered is great. It is easy and fun to plan a practice. The hardest part of coaching a U9 team is keeping the players interested and focused and gives me ideas and plans to keep the kids focused on learning and improving their soccer skills. I have created my own team website from the site. This is a fabulous tool. It allows me to keep in contact with my team all the time, and not have to call each parent. I can put a calendar of all the practices and all the games, maps to the fields, player profiles, what we are working on in practice, and much more. has made me a much better coach.”

Phillip Harrison – Queensland, Australia
“Coaching juniors can sometimes be daunting, trying to keep the interest level up. Concentration is always a problem with juniors. Since having access to your site, I have been able to implement some new ideas. adapting some of the senior information to suit us. Our team is the under 8 Otters from the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland, Australia.”

Buck Stevens – Appleseed Premier Soccer Club
“A great soccer resource for specific games and activities to assist the players in learning to play “the beautiful game”. Both experienced and inexperienced coaches can find useful activities. I especially like the frequency of the updates and the focus on small sided activities.”

John Charlton – Cambridge, Ohio
“I am a new user to the Soccer website, but I find it to be extremely helpful. I am a novice coach who never played soccer growing up and I have found the “Drills and Excerises” pages to be extremely helpful in running my practices and teaching young children. I also enjoy educational articles and the session planner section of the website. The site has enabled a novice coach like myself appear to know what he is doing when leading a group of 6 and 7 year olds through a practice. Thanks for the help.”

Shane Dove – Townsville, North Queesland, Australia
“I currently hold a Football Federation of Australia State Coaching Licence (equivalent to UEFA B) and run a school based football academy at William Ross SHS. We have over 60 students enrolled – both male and female- aged from 13 to 17. has been a “god send” for me over the last 12 months. It has been a priceless tool for coach development – I am able to sit down with my other coaches and provide practical examples from the website of how to apply particular systems of play, formations and tactical situations. I have also used the goalkeeping section to develop Individual Training Programs for my goalkeepers. This has reaped immediate benefits over the last 12 months as 2 of the boys have achieved State Representation for the first time (they were previously regional rep´s).

I have seen plenty of session planners in my time but provides the cream of the crop. A perfect example – I was recently preparing a squad for a major tournament in Brisbane, Australia (some 1200km´s from where I am in Townsville). Before we departed I prepared a series of tactical sessions. Rather then lug down on the plane a collection whiteboards, markers, magnets and clip folders I simply jumped on the net when we arrived in Brisbane and loaded the sessions I had prepared. This was invaluable – with the assistance of a laptop and projector that were available at the motel the players were anle to sit in the comfort of a motel room a see exactly what was required of them on the training pitch and indeed in the tournament.

I have only touched on the ways I have utilised the websites. Strength and conditioning, nutrition and theory sessions have all been gleaned form the website. The input from a wide range of football professionals is a huge plus – I love it. Keep up the good work!”

Jeff Moore – Portland Oregon
“Your web site has been a very good place to pick up new drills to work on common techniques. The kids like trying different things and as a coach I like to offer fun activities while still providing the reinforcement of proper techniques. And we can all use the information from more experienced coaches as the articles your site provides does.”

Steven P. Gloshen – TC Wings – U10 Soccer Coach
“Since being introduced to your site I have been able to create a desire to play by utilizing your skills, pro’s picks, and the Team website. I am able to quickly prepare practice sessions with variety in all phases of the game. You have everything I as a Coach could need. I Coach from U-5 to the Premier levels with the tools you have provided. Thank you for providing such a user friendly site and for such a wide range of Soccer Specific Information and News.”

John Hermina – Fulton Maryland
“Soccer Specific has helped sharpen my coaching skills. It´s amazing what a difference a simple tip – one that you never thought about – can make in progressing a drill and improving the game for the three (3) girls´ teams that I coach. Thanks SS and Keep up the good work!”

David O´Connell – Far North Queensland, Australia
“SoccerSpecific has changed the way I coach. The kids dont miss a training session, 16 every night. The easy to follow diagrams and instructions allows me to vary what we do keeping them interested and learning. Thank you!”

Danny Albers – Ohio, USA
“Soccer Specific has made my first coaching experience less intimidating by giving me ideas on practice drills and general coaching tips that are specifically geared to the younger age groups. I will definitely keep using this site as I grow as a coach.”

M.A. Schalip – Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Having coached soccer for several years now, I´m always looking for more information and advice “for coaches, by coaches” – and is packed with good information, well written and timely advice, as well as various other articles on topics like nutrition, the psychology behind the game and injury prevention. I was referred to by our state Youth Soccer association – and I´m glad I took their advice.”

Enrique Velasquez – Salt Lake Community College, Utah
“The detailed information you have in the variety of articles allows me to easily implement and enhance my training sessions. I coach men and women at Salt Lake Community College, U-16 Club Girls (Rush), ODP The overall quality of information, fitness, nutrition, psychology, tactical and on and on is great!

Gerald L. Collins – Albuquerque, New Mexico
“The Soccer Specific website and newsletter have been a tremendous timesaver. The articles and training sessions are invaluable, wide-ranging in terms of age group application and extremely easy to access and utilize. I coach three boys U-11 teams and have used many of the sessions during the season. Thanks for sharing your expertise in teaching the Beautiful Game!”

Scott Dunkley – Salt Lake City, Utah
“The Soccer Specific website has been a tremendous resource for me. Currently it is the soccer website that I visit most frequently. I have been impressed with the Pro´s Picks and the activities that have been shared in clear and concise detail. The activities shared on this website are easy to follow and are not too complicated like others I have seen or attempted to use. I also have been pleased with the tools avaialble which have enabled me to creat my own team´s website. This has been useful in communicating practices, games, and other information. Thanks!”

Brian Hake – Omaha, Nebraska
“I just started fall practices a couple of weeks ago and I have already used quite a few of the drills/exercises from the Soccer Specific website. It just takes a couple of minutes and I can usually find something very appropriate for my coaching plan on any given day. The illustrations and explanations are straightforward and easy to understand. It gives me an easy way to introduce fresh activities to girls I have coached for several years.”

Todd Hammer – Witchita, Kansas
“I recently subscribed to your website, and am very glad I did. This is an awesome asset for any coach. Not only can I improve my communications between players and parents but I can also find updated information on almost any topic needed. Best of all, I haven’t found anything that I can’t use. Everything is applicable to what we are trying to do. Your team website is great and opens so many options for coaches and teams to utilize. Your “Pro Picks” and “Session Planner” have made organizing and running our soccer program much easier and more efficient. I now have more time to actually coach and work with my players. Thank you for your ideas, programs and support! Keep up the good work and we hope to see you on the field.”

Charles Giordano – USA
“I coach a team of 7-8 year olds and the training material that I received from club was tired, boring and not fun. Your material is fresh, exciting and the kids love coming to practice. The key to any practice for this age level is FUN, FUN and more fun while stressing the fundamentals. Stars are born here and not made and my goal is for the kids to walk away from the year with a basic understanding on how to kick, pass and shoot the ball. I see dramatic improvements already by using your guides and skills and thank you for making them available”

Rick Picking – Queensland Australia
“I coach an under 15’s boys team in Queensland Australia. I find the SoccerSpecific web page to be a great training tool. I’ve been able to pick up many new drills and ideas to add to my coaching and matches. Keep up the good work.”

Wes Fancher – Heath, Ohio
“I´m a Middle School soccer coach here in Heath, OH. I coach a U-15 Middle School team year round and a High School boys and girls indoor team in the winter as well as a boys team in the spring. I was a soccer player in High School and for the Air Force when I was in the military. During this time I learned a lot about the game and especially about being a goalie and a defender, however my understanding of the game overall was lacking. A large portion of what I have learned as a coach has come from other coaches I have worked with over the years and through experience playing other teams. I thought I was doing well, but I knew I could do better. Soccer Specific has been just what I needed to take things a step further. The resources available on your website are just what I needed to do just that. Thank you very much for being there!! ”

Neil Yockey – Cincinnati, Ohio USA
“I have coached my daughters SAY team for 8 years. I usually spend a lot of time researching different sites for new ideas. Soccerspecific is the best site I have ever seen with easy to understand drills and full practices illustrated for you. You have saved me a tremendous amount of time, Thank you.”

James Barkatt – Fraser, Michigan USA
“ has been an excellent tool for training my team. The information available has really allowed my team to be continually challenged and stay focused on learning the game!”

Dean Richards – Queensland, Australia
“My home base is now the Palm Beach Sharks F.C, a very competitive club on Queenslands Gold Coast Australia and very motivated with coaching developement. Hence my introduction to the SoccerSpecific website. The kids love the blurbs I put on our SoccerSpecific team site, the parents dont bother me with phone calls because all the infomation is totally available, and friends and relatives know where to keep up with the teams progress. Its great and more and more local coaches are doing the same as the word spreads.”

Peter Lodge – Youth Club and Academy – England
“Being new to the site I have found it very easy to navigate and have found the information very useful and enjoyable to coach.”

Stan Rodrigues – Phoenix, Arizona USA
“We are a team of mostly U-13 players, but we have about 5 U-14 players so we need to play up. I must say that I have been a part of many other sites, but I truly feel like I learned something through this site. Thanks.”

Lee Shehorn – Albany Tsunami
“I really appreciate the web site you provide for our team. It is every coaches dream not to have to make phone calls to organize practices, games, locations, and directions. It is an all in one stop for all of my parents for information. You make it simple to update which means I can spend more time on coaching and less on organization. Thanks again.”

Chad Sipe – Oregon USA
“As a U11 coach this year has had an important impact on the preparation for the season. The website has enabled detailed practice plans for development of specific fundamentals for our age group along with tactical progressions to use throughout the season. I have been able to design a specific practice plan for the preseason which progresses the coaching points and addresses the needs of our team. has made the organization of our practice schedule simple and specific!”