Welcome back to TOVO.  

As we ventured into our first TOVO Coaching Course, we were delighted with the response of coaches worldwide.  During the course, we started to sense that this program could be much more than a traditional program. We wanted to create a movement. We wanted to create a family of coaches who care most about their players and about our commitment to their development.

As we fast forward we are now dedicated to expanding our capacity to develop players of great cognition, competence and character. Your role as educators and mentors is critical to the process of talent development.

With this in mind, we now venture deeper into the material to explore ways to promote intelligence on the field. In the end, each coach must come to his/her own conclusions. At TOVO we have put forth a coherent and cohesive program that we believe can make a significant difference in the training landscape.  

Review it, dig in, try some of these ideas and then give us feedback so that we can improve the way we support your efforts.

We wish you all the best and are pleased that you form part of our TOVO Family.