Moving Rondos

Here is a challenging but fun version of possession to try with your team. The objective is to possess the ball in all six grids without losing possession. Have some fun with your players and see how well they do!

GK and the Back Four: Transition from Defense to Offense

Try this fundamental progression for helping your goalkeepers get plenty of repetitions when transitioning from defense to offense. It will help your goalkeeper utilize his/her central defenders and outside backs…


Fast Attack 8V8+2

Try this functional version of an 8V8+2 counter attacking activity. Designated for high intensity, the coach will be able to dictate the amount and frequency of repetitions in order to reach the desired load for the day. Adjust the personnel or size to make it your own!


FC Barcelona Positional Rondo

Inspired by the inaugural TOVO Coaching Course in Sitges, Spain, the following activity was choreographed by Coach Oscar who is the Head Coach of Barcelona’s U-9 squad. Because of the quality of his players, both of these activities can be adjusted and used with much older players if your environment demands so. Enjoy!

1V1 Competitive Finishing

1V1 Competitive Finishing will help your players improve their composure in and around the box. A high intensity and competitive activity!


Primary & Secondary Defenders

Play and refine! Utilize these rondos and game related activities to teach your young players how to defend. Peel back the layers and challenge your players’ cognitive ability to recognize the appropriate moment to commit to winning the ball.


Three Team Rondo

Three Team Rondo is a great transition activity for the younger ages 8-12, or simply use it as a warm up for the older ages, or perhaps the day before a match.


Small Sided Shooting Game

This is a great finishing activity from long-time contributor Stuart Sharp. This basic and effective shooting game encourages your players to utilize their technical skills around the opponent’s box. Adjust the dimensions or number of players to adapt to your team and environment.


4V2 Screening

This is a great rondo to work on the defensive relationship of your two central midfielders, two central defenders or perhaps your two forwards in a 4-4-2. The focus is on all defensive principles in small group defending.


Attacking Patterns to Goal

Try these Attacking Patterns to Goal with your attacking players! Focus on the timing of runs, properly timed and weighted through balls, dealing with a recovering defender and finishing under pressure. These repetitions are good for working on principles of defending as well.


Seattle Sounders U-14 Training Session

The objective of this session is to encourage possession by playing through lines and gaps, finding the #9, provide support underneath and find space to expose behind the opponents back four.

6V6 Attacking Patterns

Here is an attacking activity from Stuart Sharp, currently the Head Coach of the U.S. Paralympic National Soccer Team. Playing out of a 2-3-1 in attack and defending in a 4-2 block, this activity is a very economic way of utilizing his entire roster of 14 players. Paralympic soccer is 7-a-side format with no offside. Run through these eight patterns to goal focusing on trying to find ways to break down a very compact 4-2 defense. If they drop on top of their goal mouth, utilize shots from distance and service from wide areas. If they maintain a defensive line higher up the field, look to utilize combination play getting the 9,7, and 11 in behind. Remember, no offside!