Clint Stricker Team Warmup

This is a great standard warm up for all the teams in your club. An excellent video on pre-activity activation that can also help to support a players’ overall athletic development.

Rondo Breakout to Goal

Rondo Breakout to Goal helps you find the balance between patiently establishing a rhythm of play in possession and being deliberate with explosive movements towards goal.

Goalkeeper Reactions & Decisions

GK Reactions & Decisions is an economical, creative, and comprehensive way of training both your GKs in one activity. If your objective is shot stopping and you would like to focus on reactions and dealing with congestion in the box, spend 20 minutes and try this activity. The key is to train the breakaway, shot, and chip so your GK develops a clear understanding of where his/her starting position should be.

Positional Rondos 4-2-3-1 Formation

Here is a unique way of working on team shape in possession, building working relationships of small groups within your team and its formation, as well as painting the overall picture of where players need to be based on the position of the ball and the opponent.


Breaking Enemy Lines

Breaking Enemy Lines take the players’ low level of fitness into account while maintaining social distancing rules. During the session, players focus on the core concepts of the technical and tactical elements of the game, using individual ball mastery skills and the ability to break lines through different types of passes to build soccer specific fitness in a methodical way.

4V4 + 2 Positional Play

4V4 + 2 Positional Play is a very simple and effective way of breaking down the working relationships within your particular system of play.

Emergency Defending

Do your defenders make the right decisions under pressure when multiple attackers are running at them? Is clearing the ball out of play when defending a counter attack good enough?…


Unlock the 8 & 10

This activity will provide your players plenty of repetition working on playing through the midfield and unlocking the #8 and #10 specifically. Encourage developing a nice rhythm of play building out of the back and then finding the right moment to play a crisp penetrating ball on the ground to your midfielders feet. Adjust the system of play to fit your needs, add a third defender to make it a 5V3 rondo and lastly reward the green team by having theam finish on goal.


Safety Pass Rondo 4v2 to 6v4

Try this economical activity that works on the “safety pass” as well as pressing. Once the transitional moment happens do you your players have the composure to play out of pressure and do your players have the desire to win the ball back immediately? Experiment with your player personnel and see who fits in each role the best.

4V4 Penetrate

Here is a nice twist on a possession activity that encourages attacking space on the dribble, breaking lines and switching the point of attack. Could be adapted slightly and utilized…


Three Shot Finishing Sequence

This Three Shot Finishing Sequence is great for match day minus one or two! Have fun with this rapid fire finishing activity that incorporates a shot from the top of the box, a cut back ball and a first time finish from across the goal mouth. Your Goalkeepers will certainly have a lot to do!

Nines and Wingers

Spend some much needed extra time with your #9s and Wingers! Nines and Wingers is a fast paced, ten shot sequence, finishing activity that will allow your players to build…