Three Shot Finishing Sequence

This Three Shot Finishing Sequence is great for match day minus one or two! Have fun with this rapid fire finishing activity that incorporates a shot from the top of the box, a cut back ball and a first time finish from across the goal mouth. Your Goalkeepers will certainly have a lot to do!


Modern Trends Handling & Shot Stopping

In this joint theory and practical session Eric will look at the ways in which the goalkeeping position has evolved and the adaptations that have occurred in the goalkeeper’s technical repertoire.


50 Pass Challenge!

Take the 50 Pass Challenge! See if your players can connect 50 passes in a row in this 11V5 possession activity. 5V5+2 with four neutral bumpers on the outside. Increase the level of difficulty with three different variations: unlimited, two touch, and one touch.

Switching the Attack to Exploit Wide Areas

must understand that possession in certain areas of the pitch is a means to shift the opponent to create space elsewhere. Utilize this full session to develop an understanding of exploiting wide areas of the pitch.


Shadow Striker

Here is an excellent session that focuses on the shadow striker. The shadow striker can be one of the two strikers in a twin striker set up, or it can be the #10 attacking midfielder that often finds himself making penetrating runs into the opponent’s back line. Customize and tweak this session to fit your personnel and formation.


Sideways-on: Check the Shoulder

Two of the most valuable techniques you can teach your young players are to receive the ball sideways-on facing the playing field and get them to check their shoulders at least once before they receive the ball. Work the non-dominant side: through the repetitions in these passing variations, challenge them to receive the ball with their weaker foot and make sure they are checking both shoulders at least once before receiving the ball.


Moving Rondos

Here is a challenging but fun version of possession to try with your team. The objective is to possess the ball in all six grids without losing possession. Have some fun with your players and see how well they do!


Fast Attack 8V8+2

Try this functional version of an 8V8+2 counter attacking activity. Designated for high intensity, the coach will be able to dictate the amount and frequency of repetitions in order to reach the desired load for the day. Adjust the personnel or size to make it your own!


5v5+2 Possession Pierce The Circle

Here is a unique possession activity focusing on your two central midfielders’ ability to show for and possess the ball in congested central areas of the field. It also gives your players the opportunity to play sharp, piercing, penetrating balls on the ground into your central midfielders feet. Well timed runs, committed movements off the ball, and spreading out the opponent will help you possess through your midfield players.

1V1 Competitive Finishing

1V1 Competitive Finishing will help your players improve their composure in and around the box. A high intensity and competitive activity!


Primary & Secondary Defenders

Play and refine! Utilize these rondos and game related activities to teach your young players how to defend. Peel back the layers and challenge your players’ cognitive ability to recognize the appropriate moment to commit to winning the ball.

GK and the Back Four: Transition from Defense to Offense

Try this fundamental progression for helping your goalkeepers get plenty of repetitions when transitioning from defense to offense. It will help your goalkeeper utilize his/her central defenders and outside backs…