L.A. Rectangle Passing Sequence

The following is a three-progression, tight-space passing activity that can be used for day before a game, day of travel or regeneration day training. It was observed by SoccerSpecific Staff at an LA Galaxy full team training session.

Barcelona Finishing

Barcelona Finishing was observed by SoccerSpecific Staff in Barcelona while watching the FC Barcelona youth teams train at their training facility.


Diamond Passing Warm-up

Try this continuous, fast-paced, medium intensity, short range passing progression! These three simple variations allow your players to focus on their spacing, timing of runs, combination play, properly weighted passes, field awareness and overall technique when passing and receiving.


2V1 / 2V2 to Goal

Do you use the goal as a reference point when teaching your players how to defend? Are your forwards useful when working with their back to goal? How do we…


Rondo Playmaker

This 30 minute progression will give all your players the opportunity to become a #10!


Wide Area Rondo

Wide Area Rondo is a great functional 8V8 position specific activity to goal with an emphasis on attacking out of wide areas. Adjust the system of play to fit your teams style of play and personnel. Challenge your players by increasing the difficulty of the wide area rondo. Breakdown a compact opponent by finding ways to combine to get in behind with the #9, #10, and overlapping outside backs, #2 and #3.


Dinamo Zagreb Passing

This passing activity was observed by SoccerSpecific Staff in Zagreb while watching the Dinamo Zagreb youth teams train at their training facility. This activity will be especially effective in the U10-U14 age group, but can be used at higher levels as well.


Diamond Passing

Diamond Passing will help you focus on passing and receiving technique, movements and timing of runs, creating separation from defender (cones) by checking away before receiving each pass, playing away from the mannequin, change of pace, speed of play, and game awareness.Try these fast paced passing variations in tight spaces with your team!

3V3 + 1 Defending

3V3 + 1 Defending is a competitive finishing activity that focuses on close range finishing in and around the goal area. This is a great way for your GKs to work on reaction saves while your attackers can hone in on their shooting accuracy. Adjust the size of the goals or playing area to fit the demands of your players.

6V6 Attacking Patterns

Here is an attacking activity from Stuart Sharp, currently the Head Coach of theĀ U.S. Paralympic National Soccer Team. Playing out of a 2-3-1 in attack and defending in a 4-2 block, this activity is a very economic way of utilizing his entire roster of 14 players. Paralympic soccer is 7-a-side format with no offside. Run through these eight patterns to goal focusing on trying to find ways to break down a very compact 4-2 defense. If they drop on top of their goal mouth, utilize shots from distance and service from wide areas. If they maintain a defensive line higher up the field, look to utilize combination play getting the 9,7, and 11 in behind. Remember, no offside!

7V7 Screening Defenders

7V7 Screening Defenders is an excellent 7V7 training game that focuses on two main components. From an attacking standpoint, when do we possess and when do we break lines and penetrate? From a defensive standpoint, how do we cut off passing lanes and deny penetrating passes in behind? Add GKs and go to goal at the end and finish with a very competitive 8V8 match!


6V6 Interchange

6V6 Interchange is a fast-paced, transitional and continuous action possession activity that focuses on your players ability to maintain possession, improve passing accuracy, improve mobility and movement off the ball, combination play, and decide when to penetrate or when to possess.