Anthony Latronica – Way of Champions Podcast


Listen to this great conversation between John O’Sullivan from the Way of Champions Podcast and our Co-founder, Anthony Latronica.  Hear Anthony’s unique and valuable perspective on player development from youth to college to the U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team and the U.S. Paralympic National Team.

Anthony gives his unique insight on topics like:

  • What’s it like to coach a young Christian Pulisic?
  • How do we define our legacy as coaches?
  • How do we measure our success and better ourselves as coaches while on this coaching journey that is very unique? No one really talks about the fact that it can take years to see the results of our coaching skills – both on and off the field.
  • What’s it like to take a bunch of young players down to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and try to qualify for the World Cup?
  • What’s it like to play against Chile in Chile in a U-17 FIFA World Cup?
  • What’s it like to work with true war heroes who have come back with a traumatic brain injury and are still serving their country now as paralympic athletes?

John and Anthony talk about coaching education, the definition of success, our legacy as coaches, how we can make a positive impact on the game in the U.S., the origins and mission of and how we want to take all of this to the next level with our new mentorship program.

This podcast is a must listen!  Please share it with your friends!

Show Notes

7:00 Anthony’s journey as a coach

13:15 Anthony’s thoughts on U.S. player development

32:45 My legacy is their legacy

41:00 What it’s like coaching the Paralympic team

50:45 What are the common characteristics of great athletes

57:30 Anthony started Soccer Specific to solve his own problems

62:00 The addition of mentors to Soccer Specific

1:08:00 What frustrates Anthony the most

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