Clint Stricker Team Warmup


Clint Stricker currently serves as the Director of Sports Performance for Tampa Bay United Soccer Club. He was previously the Strength and Conditioning Specialist for Austin Bold FC, the Head of Strength and Conditioning for the US Paralympic National Soccer Team and a Strength and Conditioning Coach for MLB athletes.  Clint has worked with US Soccer since 2014, and has traveled to eight different countries for international tournaments, including the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games and the 2017 World Championships. He’s trained over 30+ MLB athletes, 100+ NFL Combine athletes, and thousands of high school and collegiate athletes from various sports.

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This is a great standard warm up for all the teams in your club.  An excellent video on pre-activity activation that can also help to support a players’ overall athletic development.

Do you have a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly periodization plan? Do you map out your training sessions to ensure proper intensity, tempo, and rate of play? Do you take into consideration whether you’re 4 days or 2 days out from game day? What if you’re working on counter attacks in practice…do you still have your athletes run long sprints for conditioning at the end?

Periodization isn’t only a strength and conditioning term/practice. If you don’t consider these things, or haven’t thought about ways to optimize them, it can make a massive difference in quality of play, rate of recovery, and peak performance levels!