5v5+2 Possession Pierce The Circle


Here is a unique possession activity focusing on your two central midfielders’ ability to show for and possess the ball in congested central areas of the field. It also gives your players the opportunity to play sharp, piercing, penetrating balls on the ground into your central midfielders feet. Well timed runs, committed movements off the ball, and spreading out the opponent will help you possess through your midfield players.

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5v5+2 Possession Pierce The Circle


5V5+2 possession inside a 25X25 yard playing area with a 6 yard circle in the middle of the grid as shown. The coach is on the outside of the area with plenty of balls, dictating the point of entry.



Normal possession rules apply but the objective is to pierce the circle with a pass to a teammate on the other side. The pass must be clean and possession must be maintained for the pass to count. Keep track of points for each team, 3X3 minute bouts. Players are obviously encouraged to check towards the circle but cannot enter it at any time. Three variations include one touch, two touch, unlimited touches. Adjust the size of the circle to influence the level of difficulty.

Coaching Points:

Focus on the movements off the ball and away from the circle of your two central midfielders #10 and #6. The team in possession must circulate the ball away from the circle making the playing area as big as possible thus creating space internally. The #10 and #6 must work off each other and find the right timing to check away and then show for the ball near the circle based on how and where the play is developing.