Diamond Passing Warm-up


Try this continuous, fast-paced, medium intensity, short range passing progression! These three simple variations allow your players to focus on their spacing, timing of runs, combination play, properly weighted passes, field awareness and overall technique when passing and receiving.

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Passing warm up, three different passing sequences as shown. 16-24 players with 2-4 similar diamond set ups as needed, cones are 12 yards apart. 5-6 players per grid, plenty of extra balls.

Diamond Passing Warm Up | SoccerSpecific.com


1-2 minutes each direction with each of the three patterns. 12-15 minutes total.

Pattern 1: Player 1 penetrates on the dribble, Player 2 checks towards the ball then pulls away and shows for the ball on the other side of the cone, Player 1 slips him through to space on the other side of the cone (defender) pattern continues with player 3 and 4, continuous circle.

Pattern 2: Player 1 plays it in to Player 2 who has checked away and then shows for the ball, he plays a give-and-go back to Player 1 and then Player 2 receives it on the other side of the cone (defender), continue sequence with players 3 and 4.

Pattern 3: Same as pattern two, but Player 1 plays a longer pass to third man who lays it off to Player 2, sequence continues the same.

Coaching Points:

  • Creating space for yourself by checking away
  • Passing and receiving technique
  • Timing of runs
  • Communication
  • Weight of passes
  • Player awareness
  • Establishing a passing rhythm
  • Passing should be continuous
  • To increase difficulty:
    • Add a second ball
    • Replace cones with mannequins or live defenders