Three Shot Finishing Sequence


This Three Shot Finishing Sequence is great for match day minus one or two! Have fun with this rapid fire finishing activity that incorporates a shot from the top of the box, a cut back ball and a first time finish from across the goal mouth. Your Goalkeepers will certainly have a lot to do!

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Three Shot Finishing Sequence


6-18 field player, two goalkeepers, 6 poles, two cones, one mannequin, one big goal. Set up as shown.

Three Shot Finishing Sequence |


Shot sequence 1 shown in green: Player A plays it to player B who turns quickly and finishes on goal. Shot sequence 2 shown in black: Immediately after the first shot, player B comes back to the pole and receives a ball from player A, he then plays to wide to player C who lays it off to Player A. Player A plays a through ball deep into the penalty area for player C to hit a cut back ball across the penalty area for player A or B to finish. Player A and B pull away from the server and around the mannequin for a near and far post run in the box. Shot sequence 3 shown in red: As soon as player C has crossed the ball he must reengage for a ball played across the mouth of the goal for a first time finish. Repeat the same three sequences from the other side. Alternate sides for a given amount of time or total amount of goals scored.

Coaching Points:

Hit the target with accurate placement rather than power, better to force a save from the keeper. Properly weighted passes in the build up, cut back service must be driven, timing and accuracy of near and far post runs in the box. Players must stay alert, must be aware of the next responsibility within the sequence. Don’t shut off mentally. Finish any loose ball! If the cut back ball can find Player A, then all three players each had one chance on goal.