Goalkeeper Reactions & Decisions


GK Reactions & Decisions is an economical, creative, and comprehensive way of training both your GKs in one activity. If your objective is shot stopping and you would like to focus on reactions and dealing with congestion in the box, spend 20 minutes and try this activity. The key is to train the breakaway, shot, and chip so your GK develops a clear understanding of where his/her starting position should be. Obviously gender and age are two factors that influence this tactical aspect of the game. Create as many goal scoring scenarios in and around the box to expedite the objective!

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GK Reactions & Decisions


Two or more GK’s, two flags, one regulation sized goal, two small goals or four cones and plenty of balls.

Goalkeeper Reactions & Decisions | SoccerSpecific.com


The server (coach) has multiple options in this reactionary activity. The ball can be played on the ground to either small goal, A or B triggering a breakaway style save from GK2. A regular shot can be taken at GK2 between the two red flags. GK2 can choose to save the ball or let it go by forcing a reaction save from GK1. Lastly the server can shoot directly on the big goal and GK1. Execute a certain amount of repetitions and then switch the roles of the GKs. A variation could include the server playing a ball on the ground to GK2 (back pass), GK2 plays the ball back one touch setting up the server for a first time strike on any of the goals. GK2 can deflect the ball as it passes forcing a change of direction for GK1 to deal with.

Coaching Points:

Using the small goals keeps the GKs honest in their stance, getting “set”, and starting position so they can deal with a shot or a slipped ball through for a breakaway. Make sure GK1 has clear sight of the ball and his/her starting position isn’t too close to the goal line. Encourage competition bewteen the two GKs and as the server try and paint as many different shot stopping scenarios as possible.