Safety Pass Rondo 4v2 to 6v4


Try this economical activity that works on the “safety pass” as well as pressing. Once the transitional moment happens do you your players have the composure to play out of pressure and do your players have the desire to win the ball back immediately? Experiment with your player personnel and see who fits in each role the best.

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Safety Pass Rondo 4V2 to 6V4


Minimum of 12 players, 8X8 possession grid placed in the middle of a 12X12 possession grid.


The coach starts by playing a ball into the red team in the 4v2 possession area. The objective for the red team is to keep possession for as long as possible, the green team must press together and win possession. Once possession is won, they must find a “safety pass” to one of their four green teammates waiting in the larger 12X12 possession area. The green team must try and keep possession for as long as possible. If the ball goes out of the larger playing area a new ball is started by the coach and played back into the 8X8 playing area. Variation: If the red team wins possession from the green team, they can pass their way back into the smaller 4v2 scenario and start again without any stoppage or new ball. Play for a designated amount of time and make sure you are switching up the roles of the players.

Coaching Points:

Obviously the ability to maintain possession is a major focus of this activity. In addition, try focusing on the transition from offense to defense and winning the ball back within several seconds if possible. Once the transitional moment has occurred make sure the “safety pass” is executed properly and make sure the team of six keeps their shape by having at least one option in the center. From a defensive standpoint, make sure they press together, make play predictable for the supporting defenders, be aggressive but under control.