4V4 + 2 Positional Play


4V4 + 2 Positional Play is a very simple and effective way of breaking down the working relationships within your particular system of play. Whether your focus is building out of the back or pressing high with your #9 and #10 this is an effective set up to simplify things for your players!

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4V4+2 positional play set up as shown in a 30X20 space. The red team consists of a GK, right defender #2, left defender #3, defensive central midfielder #6, and the central midfielder #8. The green team consists of a GK, right central defender #4, left central defender #5, attacking midfielder #10, and center forward #9.


Variation 1: 4V4+2, the GKs act as neutral players for both teams and the objective is to keep possession trying to play through lines and utilize the neutral players on each side. Variation 2: The GKs are now playing directional so the objective is to build out from the GK, through the the defenders/midfielders and into the highest player (red 8 or green 9&10). Once they receive the ball they try and dribble over the end line. The defending GK now initiates the buildup going the other way. Variation 3: Add two small goals or one big goal for the team to score on and defend.

Coaching Points:

Build positional relationships within your system of play. Work on creating spacial relationships that are realistic to the game. Focus on speed of play and creating advantages through the run of play.

Option: Replace your GKs with your #4 and #5 and insert your #7 and #11 where your central defenders were playing.