3V3 + 1 Defending


3V3 + 1 Defending is a competitive finishing activity that focuses on close range finishing in and around the goal area. This is a great way for your GKs to work on reaction saves while your attackers can hone in on their shooting accuracy. Adjust the size of the goals or playing area to fit the demands of your players.

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3V3 + 1 Defending


Using a smaller goal. Something the size of a futsal goal. Width of 6 by 18 yard box. Everything is within shooting range. Coach immediately passes in when ball is out/scored.

3V3 + 1 Finishing Activity | SoccerSpecific
3V3 + 1 Finishing


3V3+1 The plus 1 should allow attacking teams to get shooting opportunities within limited number of passes. Rotate players after each round. 1 minute rounds.

Coaching Points:

The smaller goals force the attackers to shoot at a smaller target which will allow the GK many opportunities to make saves with the feet and hands in reaction scenarios similar to those possibly presented in a game.