7V7 Screening Defenders


7V7 Screening Defenders is an excellent 7V7 training game that focuses on two main components. From an attacking standpoint, when do we possess and when do we break lines and penetrate? From a defensive standpoint, how do we cut off passing lanes and deny penetrating passes in behind? Add GKs and go to goal at the end and finish with a very competitive 8V8 match!

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7V7 directional possession game. 5V3 rondo in the middle of the playing area with two targets and four screening defenders as shown highlighted in yellow. 30X40 yard playing area.

7V7 Screening Defenders | SoccerSpecific.com


The coach plays a ball into the playing area and the objective of the red team is to find either of their target players with a penetrating pass. The target can pass back into the area to continue to keep possession and hopefully find the other target. The three primary defenders try and win possession in the middle or at least make the play predictable for the four screening defenders. The screening defender must work within their channels to cut off and deny any passing lanes or penetrating balls. Within their defensive shape the yellow team can try and maintain possession for as long as possible. If the ball goes out of play a new ball is played in by the coach. The screening defenders must stay in their channels and on their half of the field.

Coaching Points:

Focus on developing a working relationship between the two screening defenders on each side of the field. These two players could represent the two holding midfielders in a 4-2-3-1 formation. From an attacking standpoint, be confident and have patience in possession and find the optimal moment to penetrate and find the target. Add goals and GK’s at the end and finish with a competitive 8V8 match.