Barcelona Finishing


This finishing activity was observed by SoccerSpecific Staff in Barcelona while watching the FC Barcelona youth teams train at their training facility.  This activity will be especially effective in the 14-18 age group, but can be used at higher levels as well.

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Barcelona Finishing Activity

Set up:

Finishing to two big goals.  Set up as shown.  Two groups of 10-12 players, minimum of two GKs or as numbers permit, 10 balls per group, 10 flats, 4 cones.

Barcelona Finishing Activity |
Barcelona Finishing Activity


5 pass sequence with a finish on goal.  5-6 minutes of repetition ant hen switch sides, keep track of goals.  Player A passes to Player B who pulls away from the flag and touches across his body to the other side of the flag.  On his second touch, Player B plays a crisp ball into Player C’s feet who lays a first time ball off to Player D.  In the meantime, Player D has cleared the passing lane and checked underneath Player C.  Player D plays a ball into the path of Player E.  Player E penetrates on the dribble and crosses the ball on the ground 16-18 yards out to Player C who has curved his run through the two cones for a first time finish if possible.

Coaching Points:

  • Timing of runs
  • Checking away from flags (defenders)
  • Quality Service across the box
  • Finish on frame
  • Players follow pass for rotation